Women be alert- surprising dangers of grooming pubic hair

There are lots of serious effects in grooming the pubic hair this below article will explain you clearly about the dangers of grooming pubic hair

Most of the adults shave or groom or wax their pubic hairs, but there is severe danger waiting behind this regular habit. Apart from the serious dangers, this causes injuries that require immediate medical treatment. In a new survey reported in JAMA Dermatology, researchers found that 76% of adults in the U.S. agreed that they groomed their pubic hair. About a 24% of them reported the injuries related to grooming. The most common injuries are cuts after that rashes and burns. Most of the incidents were very serious and required medical attention immediately.

Dr. Benjamin Breyer vice chair of urology at the University of California San Francisco and his colleagues conducted a research with the help of the specially designed questionnaire. Asked people to share their grooming experience. As the research followed 3% of adults were rushed to the emergency room because of the grooming injuries. More than the hairs in the pubic area protects the individuals from the infections that cause due to unhealthy sexual habits. Finally, injuries in the pubic area lead to serious infections including sexually transmitted diseases. However, most of the people do it very safe without harming themselves.

That is really not a problem when you groom your pubic hairs regularly it is actually not good. The hairs in the pubic area protect you from various infections caused by your sexual act.  People who are not experts in grooming the pubic hair be little careful and protect yourself from getting injured. Especially when you are getting injured frequently consider grooming your hair less frequently. The infections that occur from grooming pubic hair is very rare but grooming carefully could save you from the visit to emergency care. Most of the experts and doctors advise not to groom the pubic hair often if you really want to do it very carefully.