What Is Fibrocystic Breast? The Reason And Treatment

A fibrocystic breast disease is actually a noncancerous disease and it is very painful. This type of disease should be treated immediately in the earlier stage. This disease happens to women at the age of 50 and surgical method is used to treat this disease. It is also said that this disease has been found in more than half of all women and this can occur at any age. This disease is caused due to monthly hormonal changes and it is very essential to identify the symptoms of fibrocystic breast and get treatment in the early stages.  Here am going to share the reason and treatment of fibrocystic breasts.

Reasons for fibrocystic breasts

The breast tissue tends to change over time to time in response to the hormones made by the ovaries. When a woman is having fibrocystic breast disease means she will have more pronounced changes in response to such hormones. Often this will result in swollen breast or development of painful lumps in the breast. The symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease get worse just before and during one’s period time. It is common to feel lumps in the breast due to cysts, which are fluid-filled sacs or swelling of breast lobules, the milk-producing glands. At this time women who have this disease feel a lumpy thickening in the breast this is caused by an excess growth of fibrous tissues. This disease does not increase the risk of cancer but the changes that the breast goes through can, in fact, make it difficult for a doctor to identify any potential cancerous lumps.

What are the treatments for fibrocystic breast disease?

When women are facing this disease usually they are suggested to take home treatment to relieve pain and discomfort. The home treatment for this disease includes over the counter pain relievers and wearing a well supportive bra which helps to reduce the pain and tenderness. When the pain increases the warm and cold compresses also do better to relieve the pain.

When the symptoms get worse the medical interventions are required. In this case, the patient requires serious treatment from expert doctors. Some of the medical treatments include:

Using birth control pills- this help to reduce any type of changes faced by the breast that are caused by hormones.

Surgical procedure- fine needle aspiration is done in some to remove the fluid in the cyst. This relieves the pain caused by the larger cyst.

Lumpectomy- this is the surgical removal of the cyst and this is done when the needle aspiration does not provide relief.

The other treatment for fibrocystic breast includes dietary changes, it is believed that limiting intake of caffeine, eating low-fat diet and consuming essential fatty acid supplement is good to treat fibrocystic breast.