What Is Erectile Dysfunction(Impotence)?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence, it is the general and prolonged inability of man to obtain penile erection that is strong or hard to provide the successful sexual intercourse.  Majority of men, if not all, may experience erection difficulties at particular point in sexual maturity. The ED is an ongoing cyclic problem and it needs the physician assistance in diagnosing and treatment.

ED dysfunction can trouble both affected man and his partner and this leads to relationship stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, psychological pain and the immense sexual frustration. In past days there were stigmas that are associated with ED. However due to medical advancement and awareness, it has come to light that erectile dysfunction actually pinpointing the other health issues or any organic causes. These causes are once determined, they can be easily treated and can be alleviated, can return to normal sexual performance.

Many researchers have reported that for about 40 percent of adult males have chances to experience ED at some point in their lives. Once it is accepted that as an embarrassing yet it is normal sign of aging, it is also known that the ED is a sign that is not right within the man’s body. To explain in simple words non-functioning of penis is the clear sign of health problems such as heart or vascular issues, diabetes, kidney problems and even due to arsenic poisoning and several disorders. ED can also be side effects of smoking, alcohol consumption, anti-depressants and other unwanted lifestyle choices.

Signs and risk factors of ED

ED can be easily discovered, ED is repeated inability to maintain or to gain an erection for the healthy sexual activity, and this problem may become noticeable through the failed sexual activity or penis performance without the same rigidity as regularly experienced in past. With the help of proper diagnosis the doctor will evaluate the suspected ED through counseling. The doctor will evaluate this problem by asking series of questions about the patient’s sexual activity and the changes that occurred recently within that activity.

The physician will diagnose ED by asking some questions to the patient, the patient experiencing the impotence could involve following questions:

  • Resent and the past sexual function, and frequency of the sexual activity
  • When the patient noticed the ED and how it has occurred often
  • What is the relationship status and the situation of relationship
  • Medical history of the patient including any injuries and problems
  • About the medications and the lifestyle ( alcohol, drugs, exercise, smoking)

There are many common risk factors among the men who are experiencing the ED. This does not mean that all men who have ED come under these categories, but one or more of these often apply, some of those are:

  • Smoking
  • 50 years or above
  • High blood pressure
  • high cholesterol level
  • heart health issues
  • diabetes

Causes of erectile dysfunction

It is very to understand how an erection works as the normal function, you must also understand that impotence is not a disorder of shame and it is easily treated. We all know that human body works like a machine, all parts in our body must be in working order for proper functioning of machine as designed, even a slight damage of one part can limit the operation of the rest, if not it will stop the machine’s functioning all together. Erection need more of the body machination to be in a good health than you might suspect. Many factors are involved in erection such as the nervous system, hormones, psychological health, vascular system and many other factors. In the absence of ED, the healthy erection is initiated by touching or through emotional or through erotic metal stimulation. In spite of the thought or the deed that start the process, the brain is responsible for erection’s physical operation through the electrical impulse. The nervous system takes the electrical signal to the blood vessels, which in turn direct blood to penis, then the penis become erect and sexually prepared when it is filled with blood. At this time the blood flow maintains the erection and the penis functional towards the eventual outcome of ejaculation. The brain stops its signal after ejaculation and rest of the process ends accordingly.

The causes of the erectile dysfunction may be due to the restriction or interruption of the blood flow to penis, low testosterone hormone level, over the counter medication interaction or prescription, emotional problems, even due to cancer treatments such as radiation therapy or surgery. Bad lifestyle choices like addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking may also inflict ED. Even the lifestyle problems such as the obesity, lack of exercise are also leads to ED.

There is no any unified test to determine the causes for the individual ED. Instead, the whole body health, medical history and lifestyle are examined to diagnose the patient’s own ED. Once the causes of ED are discovered then treatment may begin by the doctor and the person can have normal sex function.

Treatments used for curing Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment for the erectile dysfunction starts before checking whether there is any issue of impotency, in order to improve the potential ED is not a factor in the man’s lifetime, through well balanced diet, healthy lifestyle free from drugs and smoking, reducing the consumption of alcohol and aerobic exercise are the methods that help to maintain a healthy body and prevents you from sexual problems. When ED has diagnosed, doctors can provide successful treatment for curing ED. The treatment for ED is generally considered as “on-demand”, as the erectile dysfunction medication or the devices used in the treatment are precisely when desired. The patient is also requested to work for curing the root cause of ED, whether the cause may be related to psychology, lifestyle related or medical reason.  Restoring the erection is not just curing overall concerns, but it will lessen the ED and restore the sexual activity and satisfies the sexual needs on the bigger path of the health and well-being.

An oral medication is the most common treatment for ED means consuming pills, these pills will relax the muscle cells in the pennies and allow increased and unrestricted blood flow in the penis and improves rigidity of erection, in this manner it eliminate ED at the penis. More than 80% of men who are affected with ED are treated with these pills and they can enjoy positive results. For those men whose impotence is not treated by oral medications, injections and suppositories are the second option.

For the men who are not interested in taking oral medications or using of prescription through the injection or suppository, an external vacuum device is the next helpful solution for curing their ED. This device is commonly referred as the “penis pump” this offers quick and immediate rigidity to penis, this device is just used before the sexual inter course. Even by using this device, if the course of action do not work this is not recommended for individual’s ED, a surgical penile implant is another option for curing ED. The patients who are surviving from cancer or any other medical issues are advised to undergo surgical implantation for curing ED. This process will begin when the doctor do not believe that the vacuum device or any other medications are not safe or effective for the particular patient. This implantation will produce 90% of positive results in the ED patients.

Side effects of implantation are such as

  • failure of the device
  • prosthetic implantation

Medications prescribed for curing the ED

There are several prescribed medications that are commonly used in treatment of erectile dysfunction and many of these medications provide great success. There are some medications that are frequently advised in televisions and other mainstream media. Some of the erectile dysfunction medications are known as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5) are

CIALIS (tadalfi)

VIAGRA(sildenafil citrate)

LEVITRA (vardenafil HCL)

STENDRA (avanafil)

These each drugs are prescribed under various brand names, and developed and manufactured by various major pharmaceutical companies. These medications are relatively safe and work effectively in treating ED in men of all ages and races. It is advised that men who are prescribed nitrate for curing heart issues are to consult their physician before using the erectile dysfunction medications. Even the men who are with heart issues can also safely take these drugs under the proper medical guidance.