What Are Reasons For Sexual Problems In Women?

Sexual problems in women highly affect their sexual desire and sexual performance. The sexual problems in women will reduce the sexual urge, no orgasm, late arousal and painful intercourses, vaginal dryness, and vaginismus. The emotional and physical causes are the reason for sexual problems in women.

What are the Physical causes of sexual problems in women?

It is very well known that every woman plays multiple roles in their life. Some of the women work out and some work at home they must concentrate on many things at home. This makes them very tired and fatigue, therefore, these problems decrease the sexual desire in her life. The women who are suffering from arthritis, heart diseases, osteoporosis, blood pressure and other neurological disorders have the higher risk of developing sex-related problems in their life. Sex-related problems also occur in women who have reached the menopause stage. Women undergo hormonal changes during this period and this is the very common thing the hormonal change such as low estrogen production leads to sex-related problems in women. Even due to continuous sexual inactivity and aging of a vagina or inelasticity of vagina results painful intercourses. Any type of injury in the vagina or surgery in vagina also results in painful sexual intercourses.

What are the Psychological causes of sexual problems?

When the women are stressed or depressed this affects her sex life in the high range. Both physical and social stress is responsible for the sex-related problems in women. If the stress or depression is not treated at right time they can cause psychological problems in women which in turn results in sexual problems in women. Besides, if her partner gets carried away by her unusual sexual behavior, thereby she loses interest in sex. Even if women use medications for depression such as antihistamines and barbiturates, this will have the negative effect on her sexual behavior.

What are the other causes of sexual problems in women?

The other causes for sex-related problems in women are drinking more alcohol and smoking. Both of these contain the chemical that disturbs the female sex hormone estrogen which is responsible for the development of secondary sexual character in females. This will affect the ovulation and production of eggs in females. Due to lower production of estrogen women loses her sexual desire. Drug usage and drugs such as cocaine cause vaginal dryness in women which results in painful intercourses.