Weight Loss Vs Sex Life: Do Weight Loss Play Important Role In Sex Life?

It is the universal truth that weighing more seriously affects your stamina, hormonal function, and production of testosterone.  Weighing more really creates unwanted problems in life especially for men. One of the major problems of being more weight is low libido. When you become overweight you will not have comfortable look and you won’t feel good. Therefore losing weight surely help you to regain your move life by felling sexy which makes your partner very happy.

It is very well known that maintaining healthy weight benefits your overall health. It helps to enjoy your life in fullest form. Healthy workout improves the blood pressure and thus leads to the better sex drive.

How losing weight boost your love life?

When you start following healthy lifestyle it really helps you, first you’ll lose the extra pounds. If you lose 5 pounds it will release testosterone to turn your sex drive around. When you regain your body shape your partner will respond more and that results in better intimacy that you share.  A study presented by a meeting of endocrine professionals in Texas, researchers measured the effects of healthy lifestyle changes (including weight loss) on the testosterone levels of overweight, middle-aged men.

Over the course of the year, these men lost an average weight up to 17 pounds and found that they had the increase in the level of testosterone. Any physical activity that increases the blood flow to the large muscle groups particularly thighs, buttocks and pelvis in women it helps to return the sexual desire. The physical activities like yoga, brisk walking or cycling thrice a week results in more lubrication, better orgasmic function, and better arousal.  When it comes to women losing weight will make her very happy as she looks very hot and sexy.

The pursuit will last longer

Weighing more definitely you must compromise on your stamina. With good physique, you will be better and strong at fulfilling your sexual desire. Your movements will be flexible; you will have improved blood flow and oxygen. These factors will help you to play with your partner on a bed for the longer time.

Improved hormonal function

Definitely weighing more affects the hormonal function. The low hormonal function and low testosterone production are linked to low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Health problems don’t make inroads

By losing weight you not only have a better sex life but you have lower risks of many health problems that affect your sex life. You stay away from the clogged arteries, diabetes sleep apnoea and many other problems that are related to libido.