Understand everything about male breast cancer

It is not that only women suffer from breast cancer and it is wrongly perceived that breast cancer is woman’s disease. Even men can suffer from breast cancer, the symptoms of breast cancer in both woman and men are same. The breast tissue is present in both men and women. But in men, the breast tissue is present in a small amount and it does not function in the same way as women have.

Men of any age can suffer from breast cancer but the risks of having breast cancer increase later in life around the age of sixty and seventy. The diagnosing way of breast cancer in both women and men are same. Due to low awareness, men are clueless about any type of body changes that indicates the symptoms of breast cancer. some will feel embarrassed to discuss the symptoms of cancer.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer in men?

Both men and women have the same type of symptoms. One of the primary sign of breast cancer is the appearance of the lump in the chest region. But unlike women men tend to delay to go to a doctor until the symptoms get worse. One of the sever symptoms is bleeding from the nipple region.

Diagnosis of male breast cancer

The diagnosis techniques used to diagnose the male breast cancer in men are the physical examination, biopsies, and mammography. Biopsies are the examination of all the small sample of tissues under the microscope.

Treatment for male breast cancer

The treatment for male breast cancer is done with same approaches such as surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. These are the treatments used to treat breast cancer in men.


Men or women when you feel little bodily changes in your breast region immediately approach the doctor and get a clear idea about your health condition. Don’t delay after all this is your health issue.