Trans Fat Vs Good Cholesterol Level

How To Avoid Trans Fat

Decreasing the cholesterol level has become a big challenge these days. trans fat play the main role in the cholesterol level. Trans fat or Trans fatty acids, this is the type of unsaturated fats that are uncommon in nature but it is commonly produced by the industries from the vegetable fats. This Trans fat is produced by vegetable fats for the purpose of margarine, packaged baked, snacks and frying foods. Consuming Trans fat can increase the risks of getting coronary heart diseases this is one of leading cause of the many deaths is western Nation. Trans fat is considered as one of the worst fats that you can eat. Trans fat raises your LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowers your HDL (good cholesterol). The combination of increased level of LDL with decreased good cholesterol level HDL results in heart diseases. This is one of the leading killers of both men and women.

However, some meat and dairy products contain only small amount of trans fat which is naturally occurring but most of the trans fat are produced through industries with added hydrogen to the vegetable oil. This will make oil solid at the room temperature. This trans fat are created as a substitute for the butter.




Foods That Contain Trans Fat

The trans fat is present in variety of foods such as

  • Baked foods- most of the cakes, pie crusts, cookies and crackers are made using the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. The readymade frosting is another source of the trans fat.
  • Snacks- the tortilla chips, potato, and corn contain trans fat. Many of think popcorn is a healthy snack but the popcorn made in the microwave or any other packaged popcorn use the trans fat to cook or flavor the popcorn.
  • Other fried foods- foods that required deep frying such as the French fries, fried chicken and doughnuts contains the trans fat from the oil which they are cooked.
  • Refrigerator dough- products such as canned biscuits and cinnamon rolls normally contain the trans fat as like as frozen pizza crusts.
  • Creamer and margarine- the nondairy coffee creamer and the stick margarine also contain the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Read the food labels carefully before buying it

If the food contains 0.5 grams of the trans fat in one serving, in the food label it is indicated as 0 grams trans fat. The hidden Trans fats add up quickly, especially when you consume many servings of these foods containing less than the 0.5 grams per serving.  When you check the label for the trans fat also check the list of ingredients present in the food. When you find partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in the food it means it contains some amount of trans fat in it, so it is best to avoid it.

Trans fat generally does not contain any health benefits. The department of agriculture recommends lowering the intake of trans fat as much as possible. Doctors usually advise not to consume trans fat because they can increase the risk of having heart diseases. At the same time don’t think that the foods that are free from trans fat are good for your health. The food industries are very intelligent they began using substitutes for the trans fat such as the tropical oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel these oils contain lots of saturated fat consuming this will automatically raise the LDL level in your body. in a healthy diet, there must be 25 to 35 percent of total calories that must come from the fat. But the saturated fat must be less than the 10 percent of daily consumption.

You can consume the monounsaturated fat that is present in olive oil, canola oils and peanut oil. This is the healthier option compared to the saturated fat. You can consume other nuts, fish and other foods that contain unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

Know the consumption of saturated fat


classification Total cholesterol Low density lipoprotein (LDL)
acceptable        <170 10
borderline 170-199 110-129
High >200 >130