Top 8 products help quit smoking

“STOP SMOKING” this is one of the popular sentences that we see in all most all the cigarette packs and products help quit smoking. However, after seeing the effects and side of smoking people are really not ready to quit smoking. Smoking gives you pleasure and relaxation just for short time, it also gives you enjoyable emotions, boosts your mind and alleviates your depression, controls your anger, helps to gain concentration and short-term memory. So, how long this is really good for your health, short-term happiness results in long-term diseases; this is the real fact that is hidden behind long-term smoking.

All these feelings that you experience are due to an addictive substance that is present in cigarettes and it is known as Nicotine and this substance stimulates the dopamine in your brain and causes the pleasurable sensation. It is really very difficult to quit smoking for a long-term smoker. There are several ways to quit smoking if people really want to do it. There are many popular drugs that help quit smoking, here am presenting top 8 popular products help quit smoking.

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Nicotine patches

Nicotine is one of the most popular medicinal product helps to quit smoking and it is easily available at local drug stores the products like Nicotine nicotex gum, Nicoderm CQ effectively works by delivering small doses of nicotine through the skin and helps in reducing the cigarette carving. This entire process will take between 8 to 12 weeks. When you lower the patch doses you’ll feel wean off of nicotine.


Nicotine gum

The nicotine gums help in reducing the cigarette carving. Smokers start with higher doses stay out of the nicotine soon same as like patches, gums the Nicorette help smokers to quit smoking easily.



The Nicotine Lozenges are another good product and great nicotine replacement product. This product is sold without the prescription. You can consume 20 lozenges per day to control the nicotine carving.


The Quitter’s circle

The quitter’s circle is one of the popular support tools and it is a quit smoking app. This app was developed by the joint effort of American Lung Association and Pfizer. This app provides the useful health tips regularly to increase the ease of quitting smoking. This app has tracking features and helps you in setting the goals. It also helps in building the quitting team within your friends and family who really support your efforts in quitting smoking.



This is another mobile app helps the smokers to quit smoking habit easily. Just sign up on smokefreeTXT to receive all the updates, tips and encouragement through emails, text messages.

Become an EX- Smoker

This is one of the free support sources that helps you to quit smoking easily with the great plan. This program is totally based on educating and teaching the patient about smoking side effects. Gives supportive tips and ideas to quit smoking easily.


Prescription patches

This work as same as the nicotine patches and it comes under the prescription strength, and require doctor’s prescription. This provides great opportunity to talk to your doctor about the smoking side effects, treatment mode and help to get advice on how to quit smoking. Higher doses are not suitable for everyone it is best to take the doctor’s advice while using it.

Prescription drugs

The prescription drugs are another great option to quit smoking easily. The drugs like Chantix or Varenicline is specially made for quitting smoking. It targets the brain that responds to the nicotine.


Quitting smoking is not an easy job it takes more time and great hard work, finally hard work gives fruitful results.