Top 6 sexual problems of women and how to deal with them

Every women body types are different and the problems they experience is different. If women are facing sex problems there is nothing to panic about it. In fact, it is better to get the proper solution to sort out the problem. Here am going to share some of the common sexual problem experienced by many women and solution to the problems. Here you go with the Top 6 sexual problems of women and how to deal with them.

Lubrication problem

Normally women often have a complaint of lack of sufficient lubrication during the intercourses. This problem is due to the lack of external stimulation or foreplay or bodily stress. The vaginal region is very sensitive which is made of very delicate tissue. If the penetration is made without sufficient lubrication it results in tearing or tissue rupture. Therefore it is the best use the water-based lubrication. These lubricants are safe to use without any side effects.


This is a condition of absence of orgasm; it is caused due to inhibition or lack of experience or lack of knowledge and other psychological factors such as anxiety or past sexual trauma or guilt. It is better to consult the expert to sort out the problem.

Irregular menstrual cycle

The irregular menstrual cycle also causes sex problems in women. The lower abdominal region of the women is sensitive after period discharge but this differs from women to women. Sexual intercourse after periods may hurt the women. However, it is different from one body to another.

Other medical conditions that affect the sex life

Other medical conditions such as heart diseases, hormonal imbalances and other chronic diseases such as kidney dysfunction, menopause, drug addiction and neurosis also lead to the sex problems in women and results in permanent damage to the sex desire. Getting proper medical attention may reverse the problems.

Conditions caused by intercourse

Often ovarian cysts, vaginitis, fungal infections or endometriosis are some of the common problems caused by sexual intercourses. This should be treated as soon as possible with great care because these infections are stubborn in nature and refuse to cure permanently. For long-term results, women should take proper medications otherwise the penetration would become painful for a long run.

Psychological problems

This is one of the most common sex problem faced by many women. Women commonly feel tensed or anxious while having intercourse. Anxiety and stress destabilize the hormonal level in the women and leads to a premature orgasm of failed sexual intercourses.  Fear and tension ruin the sex life completely. Factors such as ill health, molestation cases, sex trauma or work stress are the most commonly diagnosed reasons for a problematic sex life. Keep stress to the minimum to keep psychological problems at bay