Top 6 embarrassing health problems women don’t speak

It is very well known fact that human body undergoes the endless number of changes, some of them are amusing, but some are very complicated even to explain about. Especially, when it comes to women there are many issues which are very embarrassing to discuss. Women experience these changes due to hormone cycle or psychological or physiological issues.  Some of the women issues are very easy to discuss but certain issues are very complicated to share even with a person who is very close to heart. Here are top 6 embarrassing health problems women don’t speak.

Hair around the nipple

This is the very common problem that happens during puberty, pregnancy or menopause due to the hormonal changes. All the women experience this problem when the hormonal changes are at peak. However, this can be unusual for some women and they chose to keep quiet instead of discussing it. This could be more embarrassing for few during sexual intimacy.

Excessive vaginal discharge

This is a very common problem that women often feel awkward to discuss it. This is very common but serious problem which has to be diagnosed soon by consulting the good gynecologist. This is very important to remember any problem related to the lady parts indicate serious future trouble, which should not be neglected.

Heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle

Heavy bleeding or longer than normal menstrual cycle is called as hypermenorrhea. This medical condition is caused by a noncancerous tumor called as fibroids. The fibroids grow on the uterus walls which as to be taken into conscious very soon. The other health conditions that cause heavy bleeding are hormonal problems, blood clotting disorder, and endometriosis.

Facial hair

Many women experience this problem of having excessive facial hair growth. This problem can make the serious shape in women who are suffering from major hormonal fluctuations or hormonal disorders.

Urinary incontinence

This is a very common for all the women. Every woman at some point experiences the loss of bladder control in their life. There is nothing to get embarrassed about. For women the urinary incontinence occurs when one does coughing, sneezing or exerting.

Vaginal changes

Just like other organs in the body the vagina also undergoes changes according to age. In some women, the vagina gets loose after 2 years of sex which is due to decreased libido, dryness in vaginal region or pain during the sexual intercourse.