Top 5 Tricks To Stop Period Early

Those five days of every month is really most annoying days of every woman’s life. Common to experience troubles such as back pain, bloated stomach, cramps, mood swings, stomach pain, other discomforts etc. commonly your menstrual period can last from three to seven days depending on your health and lifestyle. You know very well that menstruation is all about pain, irritation, and discomfort. No girl wants to get pain, irritation, and discomfort during her important days like meetings or holiday or attending any romantic date or at other important days. There are several tricks to stop your periods early before it irritates you. Here are the top five tricks to stop period early.

Applying heat on abdominal area

When you apply heat to your abdominal part it makes the menstrual fluid to release faster from your body as results your period will end soon.

Do regular oil massage

Massage your abdomen with oil regularly during your periods because t relaxes the uterine contraction and releases the blood from the uterus fast and helps to stop the period early.  For this, you can mix six drops of lavender oil in 3 teaspoons of warm almond oil and gently massage on your abdominal area.

Consume as much as possible vitamin C

A diet that is rich in vitamin C helps in reducing the hormone progesterone level in your body and makes to uterine lining to break faster these results in the shorter menstrual period. This also reduces the menstrual discomforts.

Sexual intercourses or masturbation for faster relief

Having sex or masturbation is another easiest ways to stop the menstrual period easily and early. It also helps in reducing the cramps and other uncomfortable things that happen due to a menstrual period.

Do exercise

Body weight is one of the important reasons for the lengthy period women who are physically fit and have perfect body weight according to height experience shorter and comfortable periods. Overweight women tend to have longer and discomfort periods. Therefore reduce your body weight if you are overweight to enjoy shorter menstrual period.