Top 5 tips to lose your body weight fast in easy way


Go slim without gym! It is very easy to say that “i want to lose weight” but implementing the weight lose techniques are very tough, not tough we feel lazy to implement those regular, useless weight lose techniques. Do not worry here I come up with interesting and easy way. Just follow some simple lifestyle changes and pack a big benefit by losing your body weight.

Add foods don’t avoid it

Try adding more and more healthy food in your diet which you love a lot like deep red cherries, juicy grapes, or soups and salads. You can even add crunchy snow peas and all your favorite fruits, cereals, stews, finally sauces.

With all these goodies try adding some physical like dancing for your favorite music; don’t forget it to do before your dinner. You can also do shooting hoops or you take a quick stroll.

Forget work out

If you are bored or lazy to do work out then forget it. There are so many interesting physical exercise that you can do by enjoying yourself. You can burn calories and invigorate muscles by doing beach combing, by riding bikes, hiking, washing the car, grass skiing, by making the snow angles, if you have dogs you can enjoy chasing the dogs, this gives more fun and at the same time great exercise.

Go walking

When the weather is good just come out of your home and enjoy walking with your loved one or with your lovable pet. If you walk 5 minutes that is also walking, if you are bored of regular walking try these amazing tips which doesn’t look like regular walking.

Park your car at the back lot and walk to your office

Sweep the drive

Get out of bus before few stops

If you walk 10 minutes twice a day then try these types of simple steps to lose your body weight.

Lighten the foods that you love lot

One of the simplest ways to cut back your fat is to switch to the low calorie foods that you carve more. You may love pizza with reduced fat cheese, when you garnish it with low fat ice cream with the favorite toppers then what about the missing calories? While you reduce calories increase the fiber in your diet because fiber helps you to stay longer without feeling hunger. So you can add a cup of whole wheat to the pizza dough or toss the red bell peppers on the pie. Lighten your drinks with meal; try switching to the diet soda or light beer instead of adding high calorie drinks or you can add seltzer or sprits’ to your wine.

Finally hydration helps more

Drink some water before your meal so you will not feel famished. If you are going to the party just grab a low calorie drink. Finally keep your body refreshing with plenty of water and fruit juices and low calorie drinks.

Additional tips

Eat at the same time every day

Make only one meal

Remember little things and add up in your food.