Top 5 high cholesterol Curing drugs

High cholesterol is one of severe health issues and a reason for high cholesterol is the unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress etc. Using medications for decreasing the high cholesterol are the first line defense when your body LDL level has become high. These medications work faster in reducing the bad cholesterol in blood stream because they work faster to reduce the cholesterol produced by the liver. When cholesterol gets settled in the liver it leads to severe health hazards. It is best to detect it in the beginning stage and take preventive measures.

Basically, the proper workout and healthy diet will do better for you. When you are perfect in doing workout and follow healthy diet no need to worry about these types of health issues. When you follow the healthy lifestyle by using the lipid lowering medications your condition will get even better. These medications work faster when you follow the healthy diet such as avoiding the saturated fat, sugar intake, quit smoking and increasing the physical activity etc.

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Drugs used to reduce LDL level

Most of these five medications are referred as the statin drugs. When you start researching and understanding the function of these drugs, it means you understand and get the idea about what is cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important substance that body needs to perform functions such as using energy, producing hormones, and building cells etc. only one fourth of the cholesterol is produced from the food that you intake but a majority of cholesterol comes from liver manufacturing center. How much your liver produces the cholesterol depends on the lifestyle and genetics. It is very well known that large part of the cholesterol is made in the liver. These powerful medicinal drugs release their energy in the liver and inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme production which is the main reason for producing cholesterol in the liver.

Here you go with the top 5 high cholesterol Curing drugs

High Cholesterol Curing Drugs


This is one of the best-known cholesterol medication, most of the people use this medication to cure the high LDL levels in the body. Wikipedia explains that the Lipitor is the synthetic atorvastatin that works effectively in reducing the high LDL level in the blood also provides the consumer the anti-inflammatory benefits. This will reduce the risks of strokes and controls the existing plaques that are present in the arteries. The side effects of Lipitor is very mild such as the muscle pain this is very common in the high cholesterol drugs.


Zocor is one of the types of statin and it is used to control the high level of LDL in the body with the combination of healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise etc. the side effects of Zocor is very similar to other types of statin drugs that include tiredness, weakness, and gastrointestinal ails. The serious side effects of Zocor included the neurological problems such as memory loss and severe liver damages.


This is one of the most popular marketed drug under the brand name Mevacor. This drug increases the good cholesterol level HDL and at the same time reduces the LDL level and triglycerides in the body. This works effectively with the combination healthy lifestyle habits. One of the interesting note about Lovastatin is it working mechanism is very natural as like oats and almonds and grape fruits are linked with lowering the cholesterol levels. It actually works like a plant sterols supplements. The side effects of this drug are muscle damage, kidney damage, and liver damage. These side effects occur very rarely.