Top 5 effective home remedies for vaginal cyst

Most of the females suffer from vaginal cyst due to different reasons. The vaginal cyst is the swelling or, lump of fluid of the semi-solid tissue that develops along the walls of the vagina. Most usually near the opening of the vagina. They range from small pea size to as large as the orange. These cysts are rarely cancerous and in many cases, it does not cause any discomfort. Most often the vaginal cysts are discovered during the time of routine pelvic examination. In most of the cases, the treatment for the vaginal cysts is unnecessary. Treatment is mandatory only when it causes discomfort of pain. To treat the vaginal there are many types of home remedies here am going to share some of the top 5 effective home remedies to treat the vaginal cyst.

  1. sitz bath

This is very beneficial to reduce the discomfort caused due to the vaginal cysts. It helps to control the irritation and develops the healing power by promoting the drainage of the cyst. Sitz bath also helps to keep the vaginal area clean and reduces the risk of getting an infection.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is very effective home remedy to treat most of the vaginal problems including the vaginal cyst. The acidic nature present in the apple cider vinegar reduces the size and swelling of the vaginal cyst. It helps to maintain the pH level of the vagina and reduces the risks of getting an infection and prevents the vagina from developing the furthermore cysts.

  1. Warm compress

Applying a warm compress to the cyst is very easy and effective way to soften the cyst. This encourages the cyst to drain process and helps to increase the healing power. It also kills the bacteria that reduces the infection and fights the inflammation.

  1. Tea tree oil

This is really helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation that are linked to the vaginal cysts. Particularly the tea tree oil is helpful in treating the Bartholin cysts.

  1. Turmeric

Another amazing natural home remedy for many types of infections, wounds, and cysts. This treats the vaginal cysts amazingly; the curcumin compound present in turmeric is the great anti-inflammatory agent. That helps tp fight the pain and inflammation of vaginal cysts.

The private parts of the body are more sensitive keep it safe and clean always.