Top 5 easy tips to protect yourself from breast cancer


Consultant helping topless woman have mammogram, smiling

It is believed that even consuming small amount alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer. Most of the doctors recommend cutting drinks like wine, beer and hard liquor. Many recent studies showed that there is a strong link between alcohol drinking and breast cancer. national breast cancer awareness month is a annual health campaign that helps in creating and increasing the awareness of breast cancer. through this campaign you can get many ideas and precautions about breast cancers.

Exercising thrice in a week or even often is better

When you develop a habit to do exercise it will keep your heart rate above the baseline at least for 20 minutes. Even long walk can worn better but it is a very vigorous exercise you can have more sweat but it really helps you in cutting your cancer risk.

Maintaining the proper body weight

Many researches have shown that being overweight or obese can increase the risk of breast cancer especially when you put on weight on adult stage. When you are overweight or obese you not only have risk of breast cancer but also have risk of more aggressive diseases.

Regular examination of breast

You must make sure to get proper instruction from your doctor and you must have your technique that is reviewed regularly. it is very important for you to have a clear cut idea about how to check breast cancer you can consult your doctor about the regular breast examination to avoid the risk of having breast cancer.

You can have a mammogram at least once a year

When you touch 40 it is best to have a mammogram at least once a year catching tumor early increases the chance of survival significantly.