Top 5 Easy Tips for Gaining Weight through Healthy Way


weight gain

Are you feeling that you are thin and week then just think of gaining weight in healthy way. Weight gain diet is very important for the people who are very thin and week too, but gaining weight doesn’t mean eat everything and gain weight. There is also healthy way in which you can gain weight without hurting your body organs. Here are amazing 5 tips to gain weight in healthy way.

Eat 5 to 6 meals per day

It is very important to gain weight for the people who are very thin; if you are a food lover then you need to start eating 5 to 6 meals per day. It is very important to break these meals into parts because if you lots of food once it may leads to indigestion and your body will lose the capacity to absorb all the nutrients.  Sometimes you will not feel hungry for 3 hours after having lunch, but eat anyway and notice how your appetite increases from day to day. When you decide to have food once in three hours you must include healthy food in your diet. It is best for you to have healthy food list with you always.

Weight train thrice a week

When you start training with weights your muscles will grow faster and it is very important that you gradually increase the weight, as you increase your train your weight will increase. For instance if you are trying 35 kilos of weight for the first time, you can increase it to 40 kilos for the next time. Muscle weight gain plays an important role in gaining weight in healthy way.

Consume 300-500 calories

Intake of 300-500 calories more than your usual intake is not easy but you must do this if you want to stop being skinny. Gradually increase whole intake, do not do it just by overeating at once. Look at the food and its calories count to fulfill your daily requirement.

Work out your entire body

There are some muscles that you can clearly see and admire in the mirror and there are some muscles that you cannot see.  A lot of gym goers usually train few muscles on their arms, shoulders and chest; this is really a grave error. You must notice a point here when you start training only particular muscles it will give disproportionate body shape as a results you are prone to injuries. Therefore you make sure that you workout your entire body.

Load up on proteins

As listed above you must intake 300-500 calories per day you can even do this having foods that are rich in protein like meat, eggs, cheese etc.

Additional tips

  • Drink your calories
  • Try and eat fast
  • Focus on recovery after each workout
  • Be patience of yourself
  • Believe in yourself