Top 4 daily habits that ruins your vaginal health

Can you remember when was the last time you did some good thing maintain your vaginal health? Women have lots of time to spend in beauty salons to shape their beauty. Normally women are very much busy in keeping skin and hair to look amazing but when it comes to vaginal health most of the women act very careless and many ignore it completely. This is really not good at all, vaginal health is very important than your skin and hair. Your special parts must take extra care and attention it really doesn’t deserve to ignore. Here are some of the top 4 daily habits that ruin your vaginal health.

The tight thong that makes your vagina uncomfortable

It is very good that the tiny thongs look sexy but they are really not good for vagina. The tight panties chaff of your skin and irritates your private part. Apart from all when you get the sweat out there your wet panties become the dream home for bacteria and yeast. This will result in infections out there. Therefore it is really best to avoid wearing tight panties.

You have been wiping in the wrong direction

The way you clean your butt can really affect your vaginal health. If you have a habit of wiping from back to front then you must stop it immediately. Because this may cause bacteria from the rectum and transfers it to the tissues and then to vagina. Also, don’t use same tissue to clean your butt and vagina.

Not using good detergent for delicates

Normally women wash her expensive dresses in good detergents when it comes to the delicate underwear you become very careless. Normally the undergarments have lots of sweat and bacteria it is important to take special care of them.  Wash it with good detergent to avoid junk hanging around them try to use hypo allergic powder to wash them.

You keep sitting for too long time

It is very hard to take breaks at the working time. But it is very important to take the break for maintaining good mental health and it is also good for your vaginal health.  When you sit for too long hours your genital area heats up due to lack of air. This results in more moisture it causes bacteria to grow and irritates your skin. just keep taking the break when you get time.