Top 3 breakfast rules – you should follow to lose weight

New Year is right here so many of you have decided to eat better healthy food and have decided to move more to lose weight. One of the best ways to start with this is to make healthy and long-lasting changes in your lifestyle. You can do this by saying hi to the healthy breakfast by every morning. Many of the studies have shown that eating breakfast can boost your metabolism, so you can easily kick and start the efforts of losing weight. But you must keep in mind that all breakfast will not work in same way; some of them can actually spoil your weight loss efforts it will happen if you are not really careful. So just follow these simple three rules to lose weight easily.


Eat right way and right amount

Many of the studies have found that eating breakfast within 30 to 60 minutes of waking will keep your metabolism revved and helps in burning your body fat fully. So the first thing what you will eat at morning will keep you out from feeling starved in the later day. If you are not eating breakfast every morning you can try to have some smoothie every morning to keep your stomach full.

Try to load up more protein

Take breakfast that are very rich in protein for example eggs and yogurt, it can ward off your hunger pangs and will help you to eat less, stay longer without starving  so automatically you can lose the weight. The protein present in the egg can increase the satiety and helps in decreasing the hunger, as results you will eat less calories for the whole day.

Add banana to your breakfast

Banana contains high resistant starch that can help you to stay full and longer and also helps in burning more calories. Resistant starch is found in foods like banana, oats etc so try to have foods like banana and other foods which contains high resistant starch to lose weight.