Top 25 ways to lose weight for ever

There are so many tips which will give awareness about weight lose, losing weight is not a big challenge when you are ready to do it sincerely. Here is the amazing 25 top most tips which will help you to lose weight and maintains the same weight forever and ever.


  1. Always eat a big breakfast because right breakfast on right time will help you in boosting the metabolism.
  2. Try to finish your breakfast with something sweet such as cake, chocolate or doughnuts because desert eaters can have low carving and posses better chance to stick with the calories for the rest of the day.
  3. Try to eat 30 grams of fiber every day; fiber is the most important part of strict diet. Weight losing will be very easy when you load yourself with more fiber.
  4. Avoid any beverages except coffee, tea and water because fruit juices and soda contains more than 15 spoons of sugar that is almost more than 200 calories experts say that soda is one of the top most beverage that contribute to obesity.
  5. Always stock your freezer with variety of veggies
  6. Try to reduce meat intake
  7. Make a habit of consuming dairy products that are rich in vitamin D, calcium and other nutrients that will help in building muscles because these will boost your body metabolism and makes your bones strength.
  8. Try to have more proteins but not too much
  9. Always drink black coffee
  10. Measure and have your wine because a heavy handed pour will destroy any of your health benefits. So try to drink perfect serving.
  11. Have snack like pistachios because when you start eating this snack it includes more work and you will consume less snack.
  12. Try to avoid other booze related calories such as beer, wine and other spirits.
  13. Always try to have MUFA that is monounsaturated fatty acids at every meal because it will help you in losing weight fast and not gaining weight.
  14. Do not look for added sugar because a normal person can take 22 spoons of sugar per day so when you realize that you are eating more just avoid it.
  15. Always stock your freezer with canned tuna, this is another dietary dream food because 3 ounce that is a small amount of serving contains amazing protein to pick up in correct words it contains more than 20 grams of satiating protein only just in 157 calories.
  16. Do not always hold back on greens because the dark green leaves are very rich in magnesium and it lowers the body’s blood sugar and insulin level which plays important role in weight.
  17. Try to soups before your sandwich, no matter whatever the soup you have it will help you in taking fewer calories.
  18. Try to eat combination of fruit and protein, for example combine apple or strawberry of avocado with cottage cheese these combo fills you with 9 gram of protein and 7 grams of fiber.
  19. It is the real fact that people who eat whole grains will maintain their weight down so switch to whole wheat bread, brown rice and pop corn.
  20. Try to have more fish, any fishes such as tuna, salmon, and herring because omega-3 fatty acids present these fishes will regulate fat burning capacity in your body.
  21. Try to avoid gluten foods and you have gluten free junk foods available at market.
  22. Stop having processed foods.
  23. Make fun of doing workout.
  24. Become an early bird and wake up early and do exercise.
  25. Spice up your meals

Finally enjoy happy, healthy and slimy life, stay longer and slimmer.