Top 2 Kidney Cleansing Juices

Cleansing the kidneys is very important and the process is very simple. You don’t require any comprehensive supply of equipment to cleanse the kidneys. One of the ancient tips for cleansing kidneys are, just drink plenty of water and this is the first step for the effective flush. In other words, water provides good hydration to your body; here the question is about cleansing. For cleansing your kidneys you need a powerful supplement that can easily cleanse your kidneys.  These top 2 juices will effective cleanse your kidneys.

Cranberry juice

It is believed that the cranberry juice supports for the well functioning of the urinary tract. Cranberry juice protects against the urinary tract infections and decreases the adhesion of bacteria to the bladder and urethra. Cranberry juice is very effective in cleansing the kidney especially the kidney stones. Consume the organic cranberry juice for effective results.

How to prepare cranberry juice


Two cups of cranberry


Grapefruit- 1 ½


Boil two cups of cranberries and let the berries break you will feel the nice aroma after breaking of cranberries. Add the lemon and the grapefruit juice to the mixture and strain the mixture. Store and drink the mixture for cleansing your kidneys.

Beet juice

The beet juice is rich in betaine and they are amazing phytochemical. Beet juice contains good antioxidant qualities and increases the acidity of the urine. It effectively removes the calcium in the kidneys and promotes the good functioning of kidneys.

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How to prepare beet juice


3 beets

¼ cup of water


Peel the beet skin and put it in the blender and add water. Grind it well until you get the juice.