This powerful vegetable cures cancer- you can grow in your front yard

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death these days. The most common ways to treat this colorectal cancer are conventional treatment, chemotherapy and other use of medicines. Many people claim that they got cures this disease with the help of simple home remedies.

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People who suffer from cancer follow simple home remedies to beat cancer, without undergoing any surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.  Prevention is always better than cure so it is best for you to prevent colorectal cancer and another type of cancer by avoiding stress, doing exercise and by avoiding the standard American diet this is unhealthy.

Many types of research have found that there is a food which is extremely potent in preventing and curing colon cancer. Both in the Vitro and in vivo studies have shown that the purple potatoes are a stunning tool to cure the colon cancer.

The purple potatoes

The purple potatoes contain anthocyanins this attack the colon cancer stem cells and the mother of all cancer cells. Cancer cells are resistant to traditional oncology treatment, they are left with an ability to create more of them so this is the reason why cancer often re-appears after remission from the radiation or chemotherapy.  In the recent study from Penn State, researchers used the baked potatoes instead of raw. The results show that anthocyanins kill the cancer cells in the body.  The extract of the baked potatoes reverses the tumor growth.

The purple potatoes originated from Peru and Luckily. This is an amazing potato that stands strong in healthy foods stores and they can prepare tasty and healthy in many ways. Simple and easy, you can boil it and mash it with sea salt and organic butter.  You can even prepare potato salad. You can eat with mayonnaise without canola or soy oil. Purple potatoes are not only rich in anthocyanins. Plums and dark tart cherries are the best sources of these compounds.

Not only in purple potatoes also in all potatoes there is a starch and it takes a long time to digest to create sugar and it is resistant. The starch disappears while cooking and it comes back after cooling it off. The resistant starch is found in pasta, peas, and potato salads both in the white and purple.  Resistant starch is quite rich in purple potatoes. It contains chlorogenic acid it is the great tumor fighter and the good antioxidant. The greatest amount of these two substances is found the great amount in starchy foods when they are cooked and cooled.

The resistant starch is found the great amount in other foods such as peas, beans and other legumes, green bananas. In other foods such sushi rice pasta salad also rich in resistant starch. You can consume these foods in room temperature or below the room temperature. When you consume the resistant starch in a correct method it helps in killing the cancer cells in the bowel effectively.