Text Messages And Managing Diabetes- Great Link Between Two Different Things

Have you ever thought how reading the text messages or sending text message affects your daily life? These are two different corners but have the great relationship between each other. Generally, a simple laughter text message changes your entire situation when you are in high stress. Two sentences of adult joke change your mood when you are angry. Words have such an amazing power to change anything. Laughter is the best therapy for all type of problems. The recent findings have concluded that 96% of participants in the research stated that the reading text messages helped them in managing diabetes. In that research, 97% of participant said that they would suggest this program to all their friends and family members to managing diabetes.

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People find many ways and still, they are finding the ways about how to manage diabetes. Experts from Washington DC suggested that the patients who receive health tip text messages continuously showed amazing improvement in their health activities.

Athena Phillips- Tsimikas, Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute in the US proved with the team of people and they confirmed text messages has the great capacity to manage diabetes especially for the patients who struggle due to personal, employment, travel and other problems. The trail proved that the text messages helped the underserved Hispanics in a better way to self-manage diabetes through glycemic control.

Another research conducted from October 2012 and August 2014, the research contained 126 members who were from different clinics operated by nonprofit organizations, neighborhood healthcare centers in Southern California. In this research 63 participants have received two to three short and sweet health based text messages and assigned to study the message and the trail was tapered off for the next six months and every participant received 354 messages on average over the complete course. The text messages include educational, actionable and motivational messages. At the end of research, the group has amazing control over their diabetes. Finally managing diabetes is very simple with simple, short and sweet text messages.