Sugar Vs your body- what happens when you consume sugar

We all know that sugar is the worst thing that we are eating, and sugar is also not exactly healthy. One of the studies from UC San Francisco proved that sugar drinks like soda and other can age your body on cellular level same as like cigarettes. When you eat more sweet stuffs it can cause weight gain and almost every part of your body feels strain when you continuously eat sugar. You must really know what will really happen in your body when you load up more sugar.


what happens to your body organs when you consume more sugar

  1. Your brain will respond to the sugar as same as like cocaine do.
  2. Your body insulin spikes to regulate the blood sugar
  3. Too much of consuming sugar can make you feel tired
  4. You have more chances of getting sugar crash
  5. Your may notice weight gain
  6. Long term results- eating too much of sugar can lead to obesity
  7. Obesity results in insulin resistance which will ramp up the blood sugar and it will end up in diabetes.
  8. Liver plays vital role in metabolism, it takes excess of glucose from the blood stream and store it for the later use but it can store only certain amount of glucose and the rest will deposit as the fat in other organs.
  9. The blood saturated with sugar can damage other organs and even arteries.
  10. Sugar can turn your skin by breaking into collagen and you can look aging faster.
  11. This is the quite old dialogue but worthy advise from all the dentists that eating lots of sugar leads to the tooth decay
  12. If you have decided to eat less sugar by just reading the nutrition labels it is good but you must know that there is no any basic fact that right amount of sugar you should be consuming.

Finally what you want to do

Always choose the option which has less amount of sugar, if you want to drink juice or soda just avoid it and you can choose water. Always have whole fruit instead of having juice. So finally the more you stay away from the processed foods the better your life will be.