Reduce High Blood Pressure In Just 5 Minutes Without Medication

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most dangerous diseases these days. The main causes of the high blood pressure are salty food, high-stress level, obesity, smoking, alcohol and sleep deprivation. Lifestyle plays an important role in treating the high blood pressure. You can avoid or delay the medication need if you have the healthy lifestyle. Normal blood pressure is not a difficult task when you have a control on your regular diet and habits. It is very important for every individual to know about the causes of high blood pressure because when you know the causes you can stay away from those causes to maintain normal blood pressure.


Causes of high blood pressure

  • Smoking
  • Deprivation of sleep
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Obesity
  • High intake of fatty or acidic foods
  • High levels of stress

If your family has a tradition of high blood pressure then it is very important for you to take care of your own health. Here is the simple way tells you how to lower high blood pressure without medication.

This is the ancient Chinese technique revealed by Dr.Lu Hun Sen

Point 1-2

There is a line that goes behind the ear cartilage to the middle of the neckline bone known as the yet line. This point focuses on this line. Don’t rub or squeeze the line, just by using the hand touch it lightly using the tips of the fingers from the beginning to the end. Repeat about 10 times from one side to the other and then change to the other side and repeat another 10 times.

Point 3

There is another line that ends towards your nose and start from the face at the same height with the earlobe; half an inch away from the ear.

Using your fingertips, massage both sides for about a minute. You might feel pain if you push hard, so you should remain tender. However, you should be able to feel the pressure to a certain degree.

Don’t hesitate to use this treatment as it is guaranteed to take your blood pressure back to normal.

The key to regulating your blood pressure is massaging these points according to Chinese medicine. This allows for proper blood flow and prevention of the disease.