Pre-Pregnancy Care Tips For Memorable Motherhood Journey

What is Pre-Pregnancy Care?

Pre-pregnancy care tips are very important for becoming pregnant. Planning to become pregnant is really an amazing thing because this will take your life to the next level. The motherhood journey is really amazing and will be exciting for you. There are so many things you should follow before you get ready to carry your little prince or princess.

Though you are mentally ready.  But there are few things that you must take care on physical health to carry a healthy baby. You must make yourself mentally and physically healthy for growing a healthy baby inside your womb. Here are some of the useful and important pre-pregnancy care tips for memorable motherhood journey.

Consult your doctor

This is really very important thing that you must do before you decide to become pregnant. Even if you are becoming pregnant for the second time it is must to visit the doctor.  Because to make sure that you don’t have any health issues that can cause serious danger to your baby.  If you have any health issues you must undergo treatment to get the issues under your control. In recent days we see becoming pregnant has become more challenging for the woman who has diabetes.

In case if diabetic women become pregnant she undergoes miscarriage or unable to deliver a healthy baby. If you consult the doctor before becoming pregnant you can avoid all these types of problems which will result in delivering a healthy baby.  If you have any diseases like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease or anyone from your partner family have the sickle cell disease you might consult the genetic counselor or you must do the preconception screening tests.

Check your gums

Oral health plays important role in pregnancy because the better oral health is directly linked to the healthy pregnancy. If you have any gum diseases it may result in early birth and lower birth weight of the baby. It is very important to see the dentist to solve the issues before becoming pregnant.

Say “NO” to smoking and drinking

This is really very important thing that you should do before you plan to become a mother. Alcohol and tobacco consumption is really not ok during the pregnancy period. This will result in creating issues in the baby’s growth and causes serious health problems to your baby when he or she get older. In another way smoking and consumption of alcohol makes very difficult to become pregnant therefore it is really best to quit these types of habits before you plan for pregnancy.

Reduce the intake of caffeine and soda

Drinking more than two cups of coffee or five cans of soda make the situation more badly. This habit will never let you become pregnant and increases the chances of miscarriage.

Develop smart eating habits

Cut back all the junk foods and develop the healthy eating habit. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains every day. Try to follow balanced and healthy diet before you plan to become pregnant.

Reduce the extra weight

Extra weight can result in gestational diabetes and high blood pressure during the pregnancy. Generally, it is not a good idea to lose weight while you are carrying a baby it is best to shed the pounds before you become pregnant.

Vaccines are very important

Some of the illness during pregnancy results in the miserable situation because they might cause serious illness to your child. Consult the doctor about the vaccines that you need for the present stage so that you and your baby will benefit out of it.


It is very important to tell your doctor about all the drugs that you are taking, such as the prescription, vitamins, herbs and over the counter. Because some of the drugs can affect your baby’s health, start consuming the prenatal vitamin or the folic acid supplements. These medicines will reduce the risks of the birth defects.

Pick the seafood carefully

You have heard that avoid the fish that contain high mercury while you are pregnant. Consuming fish twice a week is good but avoid the seafood that contains lots of mercury like swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel.

Hit the gym

The workout will not only help you to achieve the healthy weight it will also help you to get the proper shape for the labor and the delivery. Once you decide to become pregnant look for the good prenatal classes that guides you towards the healthy and happiest motherhood.