Popular Types Of Drug Addiction Programs In Rehab

Drug addiction is one of the serious types of health problem that creates severe and different types of illness in the drug abusers. There are many rehab centers all over the world try to save the people who are drug adductors based on their needs through comprehensive evaluations. The types of drug addiction programs in rehab are based on the addiction severity, mental health disorder and the unique needs of the drug adductors. Here am sharing some of the popular drug addiction programs in rehab centers.


Medical Detox

This is done for the adductors based on the drugs they used before. This is the highest level care and it involves as possible as highest monitoring of the withdrawal process to make sure the body is safely healing from the chemical dependency of the drug. This medical detox process lasts 5 to 7 days and the medical team in the rehab centers provide 24/7 monitoring for the adductors for best and safe withdrawal as the chemical substance slowly exit from the body.

Residential Detox

With the help of the local healthcare providers, the rehab team deals the detox process. Once the patients are cleared they are shifted to their residential treatment that is monitored 24/7 by the expert medical team. Here all the medications used by the adductors are kept safe and locked all the time. At the time of appropriate dosage, the medical staff provides the medications.

Residential treatment

The clients enter the residential treatment once they are medically cleared and physical withdrawal symptoms are stabilized. Here the clients are under monitoring 24/7. Here the rehab team ensures that the clients are clearly and actively involved in the treatment.

Partial hospitalization program

This program provides care for the clients that last minimum five days a week and six hours treatment every day. Here the clients participate in the customized treatment according to their needs of the consisting daily program, regular group therapy, and weekly individual therapy.

Intensive outpatient program

This program is the least restrictive of the program and provides treatment of three days per week and with three hours each day.



It is really very difficult to come up once you fall in this danger, stop abusing drugs and stop smoking for better healthy life for you and your loved one.