Popular ancient medicines for amazing skin care health

Ancient medicines for amazing skin care


Baking soda: baking soda is one of the amazing home remedies for all types of skin care problems. the baking soda cures problems such as the pimples, blackheads, black spots, acne, wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines etc.

Graney medicines honey for healthy and glowing skin: use honey to get rid of pimples, wrinkles, black spots, acne, fine lines, psoriasis etc.

Aloe Vera: through Aloe Vera, you can easily get spotless beauty and glowing skin. This ancient medicine is one of the greatest gifts from our mother nature. To get beautiful skin use, Aloe Vera.

Chirattai oil: this is the ancient Siddha formula prepared to cure warts, black and white spots, ringworm and other skin problems. This formula is prepared using the coconut shells.

Nanguneri oil: this is the mixture of amazing things namely benzoin and rose water, tender coconut water, ginger oil and sandalwood paste. This can help you to cure all types of skin problems.

Use these amazing skin care tips to get rid of all types of skin problems and get beautiful, spotless and glowing skin forever and ever. All the ancient medicines are the great gift from our mother nature use it wisely to get all the benefits out of it.