This Plant Always Grows In Our Backyard, We Never Realized Its Importance

Often we see many plants grow themselves in our backyard. In that, few are really unwanted plants but few plants will possess amazing healing powers within it but we fail to recognize it. Here am going to discuss one among such amazing plants, Gisekia Pharnacioides also called as OLDMAID. This plant has many amazing medical benefits within it. Not only its leaf, also its stem, roots, and flowers also carry many medical benefits.


It cures constipation

This plant acts as an effective medicine in curing the constipation problem. cook the leaves of this plant with moong dhal and consume it in the form of soup. This will help you to get rid of constipation problem.

Short memory

Few people will get short memory when they grow older; this problem is caused due to a decrease in the necessary nutrients in the body. This problem will be solved permanently when you consume OLDMAID on regular basis.


Treats the intestinal worms

Take the root of this plant and ground it with 100ml of water. Drink this water on an empty stomach in morning. This drink will even cure the stomach ulcers.

Improves brain power

When you eat the leaves of this plant it will help in improving the brain power. Even children can eat this to get good memory.


Helps in getting healthy liver

When you eat the leaves of this plant it helps in strengthening the liver.