How The Paleo Diet Help To Manage Diabetes

Paleo Diet

Paleo….. paleo…… paleo!!!!! This is one of the hot diet topics that are burning people who want to lose weight or to change their eating habits to follow the healthy lifestyle. In one way paleo is very effective diet and people who follow the paleo eating automatically shed their pounds to the high extent. People have become fat to fit by following the paleo eating. If paleo have these much of advantages then it has any cure for diabetes? how paleo diet help manage diabetes?

Let’s start going to back to research about this question. Diabetes is one of the lifestyle diseases in the modern era but it is completely unknown in traditional culture. Even people of middle ages are not aware of this lifestyle disease diabetes. Because they eat minimally processed and refined food. So eating like those people can help to cut or control diabetes. However, there are few problems arise in this concept.

The traditional groups eat different such as low carb and diabetes free Maasai or high carb but diabetes free Kita vans. But diet is not the only factor plays the major role in diabetes. Lifestyle factors like sleeping and workout have a great effect on diabetes. It is not only about the food but also about lifestyle and genes etc. coming to paleo it is totally different approach and healthy too.

Paleo And Diabetes

The modern paleo diet is completely and basically designed to treat and cure the lifestyle diseases like diabetes, metabolic diseases, and obesity. These are completely symptoms of hormonal problems. When talking about diabetes the main vision of paleo is to address all the factors that are related to insulin resistance. Paleo is not actually about limited carbs and not about limited diet, take a look how paleo solves all the problems.

Carbs or fat- which is superior and which is inferior?

The USDA “ diabetes food pyramid” is totally based on the low-fat diet and high carb diet. This has created lots of confusion and scorn in paleo circles. It is very clear that to break the carbs and use them for energy we need high-quality insulin function. People with diabetes have very low functioning insulin, therefore, the carb based diet will push them down and pulls the sugar level high in the body, finally!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t make sense at all.

Research has proved that the low carb diet is even better and effective for Type 2 diabetes. Some research has shown that low carb diet is particularly effective for people with insulin resistance. But it’s noting that “low-carb” in these studies can be up to 40% carbs by calories, which is medium-high carb by Paleo standards (room for a couple of potatoes every day).

These improvements will never come straightly from steak and lettuce diet. for some people, the very low carb can highly help to manage diabetes. While some feel better with more carbs especially in the context of anti-diabetic factors. This study finally concludes that in teenagers the low-calorie diet with 40-45% carbs is good as compared to the diet with 55-60% carbs if the people do workout and took metformin.

Coming to the fat

Fat is when consumed together with refined carbs the fats are really fattening. The wrong type of fat is highly dangerous. Trans fat is highly inflammatory and results in lots of metabolic problems. However, the meta-analysis found that the Mediterranean diet with enough amount of olive oil is actually awesome than the low-fat diet. This will highly help in preventing Type 2 diabetes. It is proved that in humans the saturated fat doesn’t affect the insulin.

The recent studies have proved that reducing the carbs is really not helpful. The lower carb may be 40% and higher fat is helpful for most of the people. If you are paleo diet lover you’ll probably try starchy vegetable every day. Some will felt best about low carb diet but not all!!! It doesn’t really mean that carb causes diabetes. It really happens for people who are weak metabolically. So if these people reduce carbs it is the therapeutic option to treat the already existing diseases. Live healthy, happy and longer!!!!!!!!