No diet! No exercise! Amazing ancient weight loss method

It is really very embracing thing for many of you, that after doing lots and lots of work out you’ll fail to reach your desired weight loss goal! You may work very hard to lose your weight but please keep in mind smart work works more effective than the hard work. Thousands of weight loss tips dance online but do you really think they will work better. It is very important for you to first understand what your body is and how you should work exactly to lose your body weight. Here am going to share some of the amazing ancient weight loss methods that will give you amazing results without exercise and diet. I cannot promise you that this method works very fast like other easy weight loss tips. Though this method works slowly it will give you best results in a healthy way without disappointing you!



This is especially for the women those who research more on the food while eating. Normally women pay lots of attention on the food while they are eating about the calories, fat etc. first you must stop doing this. Whatever you eat just enjoy and eat it. meditating 30 minutes a day can highly help you to decrease more pounds of belly fat as well as it decreases the stress level in your body. While many of think that meditating is a big challenge especially who doesn’t want to sit in one place more than 10 minutes. Just throw all these throw all these from your mind, sit in a calm place, close your eyes and take a deep breath (exhale and inhale) this is meditation. Don’t think about anything while doing meditation or don’t stop your thoughts simply breath right there where you are.

Deep and full breaths

Recent studies conducted by Ruben Meerman and Andrew Brown from New South Wales university proved that breathing properly is the important and number one exercise for weight loss for doing this you don’t want to set up a separate room. Just do it while watching your favorite program or while listening to music or while working at your office. Kapalbhati is a breathing exercise you must sit straight and push the air through the mouth by making the shhh sound and you exhale and snap the belly muscles in while forcing the air out. Do this 30 minutes a day and experience the amazing results.

Clean your tongue

This is very popular health tip that you follow right from your childhood. Teachers, parents, dentists always advise you to keep your tongue clean have you ever asked them why? If your tongue is covered with the white coating you feel difficult to taste food. As results, you’ll add more sugar, salt and other spices to your food. This can result in a heavy intake of salt and other sweeteners. So automatically your weight will start climbing the ladder in super fast speed. Keep cleaning your tongue to improve the oral hygiene and lose weight by avoiding the salt and sweeteners.


The abdominal massage can reduce constipation and increases the bowl movement. The benefits of abdominal massage are endless, through this you can even lose your belly fat. It improves the blood circulation, skin health, lymphatic drainage and promotes major detox.


Sweat it out

Your skin is the vital organ for detoxifying your body. The heat results in enlargement of pores and pushes out the impurities in the form of sweat. Sweating increases the blood circulation and helps to lose the water weight.

Lunch is very important

Make the biggest meal for lunch and smaller meal for breakfast and dinner so it is very easy to digest the food.

Rest is very important

Many types of research proved that the women who slept for 5 hours or less than that gained more weight. Sleep at least 7 hours per night and make your room as dark as possible. Wake up early in the morning and go to bed by 9-10 pm.

Laugh as much as possible

Live your life, make your day funnier as much as possible laughing can highly increase your blood flow and eases the tension. People who feel happier, lighter and laugh more with the tummy muscle ache results in amazing fat burn!

Drink ginger tea

Ginger tea or hot or warm water to rev up your digestive fire. Begin your day with a cup of ginger tea to kick start your digestive juices and burn the calories madly.

Finally lead your life happily and normally with these amazing tips.