Never Put These Things On Your Face

Clear, smooth and glowing skin these are the endless dream for every girl. For making this dream people purchase bags and bags of cosmetics products that you have never used. You knew very well that your skin up to 30’s is glowing, soft and smooth but later due to a usage of different types of harmful chemical containing creams or cosmetics or due to environmental changes your skin will lose its smoothness and glow. This may happen due to age too but whatever still you like to maintain the glow and smoothness of your skin. There are few harmful products that you directly apply on your face without knowing its effects on your facial skin. Even very tiny particles that use on your skin may cause serious damage to your skin if they are not up to standard. Here are few things that you never put on your face.

Never apply chemical peels on your skin

Never apply chemical peels mask on your face at home. You have great chances to see the online advertisements about the strong chemical cosmetics even medically certified. Do not use such products because it may cause redness, rashes etc. too much hard peeling results in long-term scars and discoloration of the skin.

Loofahs may irritate your skin

just stay out of loofahs always because they are too rough and irritates your skin. even the loofahs have a great capacity to attract the bacteria. it can make the condition worse and better to stay out of it.

Moisturizers with collagen

Actually, the collagen moisturizers do not penetrate the skin deeply.  It is best not to spend the huge amount of money of moisturizers.

Face scrubs

Do not use the face scrubs because it irritates our skin and induces the hyperpigmentation. Commonly people use face scrubs to get rid of acne but it will never happen. Instead, you can use the cleanser and wash your face with your hands for smooth skin.

Do not use micro-needling devices at home

Using the micro-needling devices at home is really risky because it can cause infections on your skin. Micro needling is done with the radio frequency in offices in a controlled way in the cleaner environment. It is really safe in office but not at home.