Most popular illegal drugs in the world

While speaking about drugs no drug is really good and legal when it is used in wrong way. Apart from the medicinal drugs, people abuse certain kind of drugs which is concerned with illegal. Here let’s discuss one of the most popular illegal drugs widely used all over the world. It is nothing but MARIJUANA. This drug is one of the most popular illegal drug worldwide according to the first global survey of illicit drug use. This study also proved that addiction to the painkillers such as the Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Codeine is very dangerous and it killed more people compared to the other drugs.

In addition to the popular drug cannabis and opioid painkillers, the scientists have analyzed that there was lots of abuse of cocaine and amphetamines in 2010. This analysis is largely based on the previous studies.  In this research, the Ecstasy and hallucinogens were not included because of lack of data. Research has proved that the men in their 20’s had highest drug abuse. The countries like U.S., Britain, Australia, and Russia have greatest drug abuse problems. Russia is one of the most popular countries where it has severed illegal drug problem.

“Even if it is not very solid data, we can say definitely that there are drug problems in most parts of the world,” said Theo Vos, of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, the study’s senior author. Vos also stated that people start abusing the drugs that are produced close to their home. Cocaine in North America, amphetamines and opioids in Asia and Australia. The lowest rates of drug abuse were in Asia and Africa. Of the estimated 78,000 deaths in 2010 because of illegal drug use, more than half were because of painkiller addictions. Vos said that the countries which as very harsh laws and punishment against drugs had worse death rates for the addicted people when compared to the countries which relied on their policies to wean the people off from the drugs.

Experts say the study also reveals shifting patterns of drug abuse, which countries need to address.

“The illicit use of prescribed opiates in the U.S.has only happened in the last 10 years or so,” said Michael Lysnkey, of the National Addiction Centre at King’s College London, who co-authored an accompanying commentary. “It’s possible in another 20 years, patterns will again change in ways we can’t predict.”

In the related research, the scientist has found that the mental health and drug abuse problems including depression, schizophrenia, and cocaine addiction kill more people worldwide than AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes or road accidents.

In some of the developing countries like India, the greatest attempt to stop AIDS also slowed the drug abuse as they concentrated on helping the people to stop their addictions. according to Vikram Patel, of the Centre for Global Mental Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Patel recommended an approach to drug use similar to current controls on tobacco.

“A decriminalized drug policy could potentially transform the public health approach to drug use,” he wrote in an email. “The enormous savings in the criminal justice system could be used to fund addiction treatment programs.”