Make up mistake! Aging you beyond your years

It is quite difficult for you to maintain the same hairstyle that you did in high school; similarly it is also difficult to use the same make up because you should evolve your makeup as you age. Layering on or simply depending on more beauty products doesn’t work well as you age and the biggest make up mistake that women do is piling on more make up products especially powders. Many of you believe that applying more powder can cover up the wrinkles and fine lines, you should notice one point here because applying more powder on your face may make you more pronounced and this may result in dry skin. Powder settles in the wrinkles and fine lines which draws attention to them.

makeup mistake

If you notice fine lines and wrinkles on your face it is better to avoid using powders especially under eyes and you can start using creamy foundations. One of the foundations Lancome Miracle Cushion Compact Foundation this leaves your skin super hydrated by giving luminous finish. Still there are many wonderful products that helps you to make your face more beauty. If you have oily skin you can use the oil absorbing sheets on you T-Zones this will minimize the shine also make your skin more smooth and soft without making dry.

While you are aging think twice or thrice on your make up product that you use and make a wise decision in choosing the makeup products. Think younger, live younger and show yourself smarter.