How To Protect Your Kids From Food Allergies

Some children outgrow the food allergies but some don’t. Here you go with four ways to protect your kids from food allergies.

Eggs, milk, peanut butter and nuts these are the dietary staples for many. While you take the lives of children majority of children are succumbing to severe food allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in their teenage. Food Allergy Research &Education Reports teenagers and young adults are at the highest risk of fatal food -induced anaphylaxis. This will spoil the hope of many of the parents on their children fortune to outgrow from food allergies.


1.      Be Prepared

The risk of fatal anaphylaxis is lowered with the immediate use of epinephrine so it is very important to have epinephrine with your kid and make sure some with him or her who knows very well how to administer it. other prior preparations you should take care of child well-being, for example, take care of the food he or she eats when they attend any classroom parties or birthday parties make sure it is allergy free. For example, you can keep one safe candy in front of your kid pouch so that her teacher knows it is there and your kid will have it and finally you also get peace of mind regarding her health!

2.      Find a good support

When the allergies don’t have all the answers that you need to help ease your mind you must take an effort to freely connect other parents who share the same concern. You need to expel about someone who does not get it, there are many support groups enable online you can get information and many Facebook pages are there for you and you can easily talk with the members.

3.      Reinforce Safety

You must talk to your children about their food allergies while you are with them on the way to school, or at birthday parties or at friend’s house. Let them  involve in checking the labels on the food packages and asking the restaurant wait staff and others about what is in the dish so that they can easily know what they should eat and what not to. This will build a solid foundation of their personal safety as they grow older and they are free from danger.

Another thing you must do is remind others including your family members and teachers about the risks and emergency plan of action while it is needed. You can get printouts for free from organizations such as AllerMates to help you emphasize the message when you are not with your kid.

4.      Always keep on researching

There are clinical trials such as treatments oral immunotherapy, this is being conducted at the certified allergist offices throughout the country, there are other treatments under development including Viaskin® from DBV Technologies, which are designed to target egg, peanut and milk allergies. If this research gets successful the possibilities can give hope to the children to live allergy free life.