How to Manage Zika Anxiety during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period in every women’s life, you have many dreams and expectations about your upcoming child, but this is the time where anxieties emerge like anything, because your mind is restlessly thinking about your child and you will work hard to keep your baby safe and most important thing is your hormonal shifts can have greater impact on your mood. All these concerns may highlight the rapidly changing stories about Zika virus. This is completely understandable and manageable so here are few tips to manage Zika anxiety during pregnancy.

It is very important to know about the global health threat and about its information and how it is transmitted.

First talk to your OB or midwife about the risk assessment to examine how likely you are exposed to Zika, if you have travelled to countries affected by Zika virus then you should bring into reassurance to you and your family. If you are not travelled to those areas not affected by this virus then no need to worry.


Anxious is common during pregnancy

It is very important to know that anxiety is very common during pregnancy and you may intrusive thoughts but if you are experiencing significant distress with these thoughts and you are feeling that your daily habits are altering due to this you may have a great risk of developing anxiety disorder. So it is best to take a help of mental health professional to come out of this.

Take break from news and online doctors

Stop researching online about this Zika  because this will prolong the time that you spend on worrying lot about Zika and it will result in misinformation that may keep you constant worries unnecessarily.

Set a time to worry

It is very important for you to set a short period in a day to explore your worries. Keep an appointment to worries and move on to the other activitieswhen thetime is up.

Find the interesting activities which will keep you live

This is one of the best way to keep you completely out from anxiety, there is the old saying that pregnant women should always keep them busy with interesting and good activities, this will help in developing of healthy baby. This is exactly 100% true keep yourself busy in interesting activities such as reading books, cooking, playing music instruments etc. this will help you to fight the anxiety.

Take a professional support if you need

If you feel that your anxiety is interfering with your ability to function, affecting your sleep or causing uncomfortable immediately talk to your mental health professional. There are very good treatments to treat the prenatal mood and anxiety disorders.