How To Get Pregnant With Sperm Donor

Getting pregnant with the sperm donor needs guidance from the medical professionals and for the having best chances of conception, the insemination of the donor sperm must time along with the woman’s ovulation. Couples of same sex, couple of different sex and single women and who are incapable of procreating may get pregnant with the sperm donor.

What is the process involved in getting pregnant with the sperm donor?

Obtaining sperms

The first step in preparing for insemination is getting the frozen donor sperm. To collect the sperm from the donor you must consult the sperm bank. Search online for getting details about sperm bank near me and consult the bank or you can ask any of your male friends to donate the sperm.  The medical professional from the fertility center will collect the sperm and they will start the process by freezing the sperm for insemination. You can even ask your fertility center to refer any sperm bank they are comfortable with working. Still if you fail to find appropriate done search online for sperm donors.

Sperm test

After collecting the sperms from the donor it has to be tested for the motility, morphology and count. The sperm must have minimum chances of fertilization or they fail to meet the criteria.


For successful insemination perfectly follow your menstrual cycle and to do this you must follow your basal body temperature. Monitor your body temperature every morning without getting out from the bed and while doing this do not engage in any other activities. Your basal body temperature is different during the menstrual period compared to other days. The body temperature rises at the time of ovulation and remains till the end of cycle. To increase the chances of getting pregnant ask your doctor for fertility medications during the ovulation cycle. This will help you to produce one or more egg during the cycle.

During this cycle the medical professionals at the fertility clinic will monitor the egg maturation by performing certain tests such as blood work and ultrasound. Insemination is done when the matured egg is about to release.

While these processes are going you must be hospitalized at the fertility clinic this will take one or two day to complete. The insemination is carried out by using the frozen donor sperm. Then the sample is taken to the catheter and inserted into the cervix. Then the sperm is injected into the uterus. If the insemination is successful the sperm fertilizes the egg and pregnancy will be positive.