How to control stress to maintain good health?

Have you ever experiences yourself with sweaty hands on your first date or have you felt the heart pound during a scary movie? If this happens at any important moment then you are stressed in both mind and body. Here are the simple ways to control stress.

Reducing stress levels is quite easy when you do little hard work. Reducing stress not only makes you feel better, it also protects your health for the long term. There is a relationship between the positive effect and development of coronary heart disease. If one point in the positive effect increases , 22 percent of heart diseases are dropped.

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Identify which factor causes stress in your daily life?

You must start monitoring your state of mind throughout the day when you feel stressed in a particular moment write the cause of stress, thoughts and your mood at the particular moment. Once you come to know what the thing is bothering you, then you can try to fix the problem. This includes setting more reasonable expectations for you and asks other for help in job responsibilities or in other tasks. Make a list of all your commitments and assist all your priorities. Try to eliminate the unwanted task.

Build strong relationships

In many cases, the relationships are the strong source of stress. Many kinds of research have proved that negative and hostile reactions with any relation can immediately cause stress sensitive hormones. Even relationships also serve as the stress eliminators.  Talk frankly to your family members and friends. Let them know that you are having a tough time, they will surely help you to overcome your problem or otherwise they can provide a moral assistance or support. You will get useful ideas from them or your mood fresh up as you begin to tackle the stress causing problems

Walk away when you are angry

When you get anger take a time to regroup by counting to 10, then think and reconsider whether to act or not. When you are in stress you can walk or you can do any other physical activities. This can help you to control stress or you can do exercise or walk to control stress because exercise increases the production of endorphins. This is the body’s natural mood booster. This is the small and easy step to control stress.

Reset your mind

Many types of research have found that stress keeps more than 40% of adults to awake during night times. This will create many problems in the day time; due to lack of sleep your mood starts swinging and leads to severe stress at day time. To control stress you must sleep at least seven to eight hours a day. Avoid caffeine, and avoid distractions such as TV and computers from your bedroom. Go to bed at the same time every night. Practice yoga, meditation and relax. Go to the park or evening beach walk to have a peace of mind. These types of activities not only controls stress but also boosts your immune system.

Get help

When you feel distracted due to stress feel free to consult with a psychologist. They can help to overcome the stress related issues.