How To Control Emotions

The emotional side incontinence


The emotion incontinence is the different issue; it is a sensitive issue that can result in a range of feelings. It is not a part of aging or other issues that you have to just live with it, and it can happen to anyone both men and women but it is not common in men. There are few common steps you must take to manage your condition and your mind state. It is best to talk to your doctor so that you can know what your problem is and condition and then you can start working on it.

Emotion incontinence can make people anxious and they will feel fear to face the society and might stay at home because they are not sure if they are going to have emotion incontinence.

If this sounds like talking about you there are only two simple steps that you can take to manage it. Try to manage the emotions that come with the feeling like your body does things that you cannot control and get the treatment for the medical problems itself.

On the other side you must to talk to your counselor if your feeling are bothering you and interfering with your everyday life. You must also practice meditation or practice other relaxing practices, and this can help you when you have hard day. These types of practices can help you to express your feelings at the support group or you can visit the online community where there are people who have the similar experiences.


How to fix it

You must work on the condition itself to fix these types of problems; your doctor may suggest you to keep a record on your diet, bathroom activities and behaviors. Doctors say you to monitor your urinating activities that how many times you urinate per day under what circumstances etc. The other treatments to control emotion incontinence include medications, biofeedback, and behavioral therapy. Surgery is not required for emotional incontinence but if you have tried other treatments and you are not benefitted of it then talk to your doctor about the options you have.