How crying can damage your babies brain psychology

It is very old technique that we are following from our elders that leaving a baby to cry for long is good because if they cry they feel tired and fall asleep. There are many parents who leave their babies to cry more until they feel tired and sleepy; this is the very bad habit that is followed from long period. Babies cry although some babies will do more in some cases. This is one of the worst habits that have to be stopped because there are few reasons that may affect your baby’s psychology directly. In the first year it is the important time that your babies must get good response from the parents, if the parents fail to give the proper response for their babies then it would some emotional consequences for the long run.

downloadAnother reason, the brain of the babies at this time is still at the developing stage so if the baby cry for the long time it may increase the cortisol which means the baby get stressed if this habit continues regularly it leads to anxiety and proceed until they become adult. Many of the parents think that crying louder can helpful to the lungs but it is truly wrong conception don’t let your baby to cry for long time they are still buds yet to develop in a good way. Good parenting leads to good future of babies. Lead your baby in a proper way, happy parenting.