Health And Beauty Benefits Of Saffron

Saffron is the small, bulbous and perennial spice. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Saffron is commercially produced in Iran, Spain, morocco, Kashmir, and Italy. Iran is the important producers of saffron both in quality and quantity. Normally saffron is well known for its usage in foods, sweets, and other beverages. Apart from this usage, the saffron contains amazing health and beauty benefits. In this article am going to discuss with you about the health and beauty benefits of saffron.


Health benefits of saffron

The amazing medicinal benefits of spice make it popular and valuable ingredient worldwide. The modern research has proved that saffron is used as an aphrodisiac, diaphoretic ( causes sweating), carminative ( prevents from gastric troubles) and brings menstruation. The other benefits of saffron include:

  • Protects against the cancer

Saffron contains the dark orange and water soluble carotene called crocin. This crocin is responsible for the golden color in the saffron and it triggers the apoptosis, a programmed cell death in different types of human cancer cells, ovarian carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, leukemia and soft tissue sarcoma. The expertise researchers in Mexico have found that the active compounds in saffron have strong ability to inhibit the malignant cells in the human body.

  • Promotes strong memory retention and learning

The saffron extract, especially its crocin is very useful in treating the age-related mental impairment. In Japan countries, the saffron is encapsulated and used in treating the Parkinson’s disease, inflammation, and memory loss.

  • Helps in delayed puberty

Saffron has an amazing stimulant effect on the underdeveloped girls. The pinch of saffron crushed in a tablespoon of milk is very useful to stimulate the hormones and bring the desired effects on the underdeveloped girls.


  • Increases vitality

Saffron aids as a powerful stimulant of sexual desires. A pinch of saffron is mixed in a glass of milk and can be consumed before bedtime.

  • In patchy baldness

Saffron mixed in licorices and milk helps in amazing hair growth in alopecia.

  • Protection against cold

Saffron is very effective in treating cold and fever. When saffron is mixed in milk and applied on the forehead will quickly relieve from the cold.

  • Food additives

Saffron is an excellent alternative for the synthetic food colors. Food coloring agents are very common allergy trigger and saffron’s yellow is the acceptable hypoallergenic choice.

Beauty benefits of saffron


  • Help in removing tan

Soak a pinch of saffron in milk cream, leave it for a full night and apply it in the morning on the tanned area. It will act effectively on the tanned area.

  • Toning the skin

Mix the saffron in the rose water and dab it on your face by using the cotton ball

  • Brightens the skin

Take a pinch of saffron and soak it in the milk for 30 minutes and mix the sandalwood powder in it. Apply the face pack on your face and leave it for 20 to 25 minutes and wash it with warm water to get a brighter skin.