Get better waist shape by doing simple exercise-swimming



When you start workout on your abs and waist you must concentrate on both of your front section and the midsection. Some of the yoga moves will do better while you are pregnant. Have you ever noticed how the swimmer’s abs is? It is because they are prone in the pool by using their core in 360 degree way. These aquatic inspired poses strengthen your oblique muscles and then transverse the abdomen and improve your whole health. Here are the easy ways to get better waist shape.


This is an amazing exercise which starts by laying your belly with arms extended overhead and legs long behind you. On inhale lift your right arm and your left leg simultaneously, exhale and down your lower limbs then inhale when you lift the opposite leg and arm. Continue this exercise by switching arms and legs for about 8 slow reps per side, then hold your both arms and legs in air and then alternately lift both legs and arms quickly, repeat the same 8 times per side. As if you are really swimming you will realize that feel, finally lower down slowly and take a rest for few seconds and repeat the same sequence. Swim workout is very beneficial to your health; you will get amazing benefits when you start this simple exercise.
When you start swimming in pool, you will get amazing health benefits out of it. Swimming is a great workout because while you swim your whole body will move against the resistance of water. This is the good all round activity. You can get training for swimming to learn even small swimming techniques.
<h2>Health benefits of swimming</h2>
• Swimming keeps your heart rate high but it will take off some of impact stress from your body
• It helps to maintain healthy heart and lungs, maintains good weight
• It builds endurance, cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength
• It develops a good muscle tone and builds strength
• It provides good workout for all-over body and all your muscles are used during swimming.