Effects Of Air Pollution On DNA

Air pollution is one of the serious environmental problems which society and government are trying to control it for many years. Air pollution causes many serious health problems even it damages your DNA and results in less sleep. The new research from California, Berkeley proved that exposure to the air pollution caused due to high traffic directly damages the type of DNA called as telomere shortening.

Air pollution damages the DNA and results in low sleep efficiency

According to expert research, the young people with asthma suffer from telomere shortening. The telomere length has the potential for using the biomarker of DNA damage because of environmental exposures and chronic inflammation.

The effects of air pollution

Air pollution causes many problems; apart from all the problems it causes low sleep efficiency which means the time spent on the bed is very less. People who are exposed to highest levels of NO2 have the high risk of low sleep. Due to exposure to air pollution will create a risk of having breathing problems during sleep. Due to this the sleep at night are highly disturbed and results in depression, mood swings, weight gain, diabetes and impaired brain activity.


Air pollution causes severe health to people it is very important to take preventive measures to control pollution or people must take precautions to stay out of air pollution and its harmful effects.