Easy way to lose your weight with this 50 push up challenges that changes your body in just 30 days

Once you started noticing changes in your body, I mean little plump it is very difficult for you to digest that change. Any way after putting on weight you will think it will be very difficult to take back your body to the old body fitness, just break that thought and come out because am coming up with good challenge that will change your body in just 30 days.50-push-ups-challenge

Week one

This is the first step- a gentle warm-up session because this will give you chance to focus on your body form. Start your each session with straight-arm plank and find the neutral spinal position so your shoulder blades align with gluts and upper back, engage the glut muscles and draw the abs in, keep your hips from drifting up and elbows from flaring past wrists and breathe.

Week two

Push up at the first session is little difficult to tolerate because any form of exercise at the first session you experience many difficulties, but when you start continuing it you will start enjoying your exercise. When you start hitting your target it will give you more fun and it will greatly motivate you to next level. This will make entire process very feasible. You will start appreciating the convenience factor of the exercise and you will start realizing that this can be done anywhere, anytime and by wearing any cloths.

Week three

In week three when you start with 20 push ups each day you will feel little daunting and this is the right time make your mind to complete the full exercise. You will feel yourself satisfying when you complete the whole 20 pushups, it is always better to hit your target without interrupting the session but if you feel difficult try to get some pause in between and complete the 20 push ups at this moment you may feel little difficulties in breathing (not for all). Because the your longer muscles are under strain as much as harder they are working, there are some aerobic perks that will help you to stay in motion.

Week four

When your target numbers climb up you will feel very happy and motivating and it will be very easy for you to repeat the exercise morning and evening, you will notice that your breathing will become key for your work out. Inhale as you go down and exhale when you are pushing away from the floor. Breathing helps you to get your power to come up.

Last two days

You can do 42 to 50 push ups that will satisfy you in great level and you will finish you challenge successfully and the healthy fitness is all yours now.