Do you have a habit of drinking water from your night stand- you will not repeat again after reading this

We all know very well about the importance of water and drinking a glass of water before and after sleep is very good for our general health, but what about drinking water in between. Many people leave the water on the night stand before going to sleep because they can drink it again at the mid night if they feel thirsty, all of you done this or regularly doing this can feel the strange taste of water at the morning, here is the exact reason for that strange taste.


Water is not like food it doesn’t contain sugar or protein that microbes thrive on it. So we cannot say that it is microbes that accounts for its strange taste. On the other side water left on the night stand is more susceptible to the dust particles and other air-borne bacteria. When water is exposed to the air it can absorb carbon dioxide and it can convert in to carbonic acid. Water when exposed to the air is prone to changing its chemical structure which will change the water pH this is the actual reason why water taste changes at the morning.  Although it doesn’t mean that water at your night stand is harmful to drink but it is definitely considering thing due to collected chemical in the water. So next time when you feel thirsty during night times simply hop to your kitchen and drink fresh water. Fresh water leads to healthy life.