Difference Between The Popular Drug Medical Marijuana And Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana is the both medicine as well as recreational drug but it not a simple job to separate and find the difference between one another.  It is the universal truth that medical marijuana is the popular recreational drug but however unlike other recreational drugs marijuana is also widely used as medicine. If you are feeling bit puzzled yourself here are the few things to find out.


  1. The earliest usage of marijuana was in the medicine

Many of the critics often state that the medical benefits of marijuana are exaggerated by the people who wanted to use the drug for fun but the truth is different. The earliest records of marijuana comes from the Indian medical texts and Chinese, this text says that the plant was described as medicine for multiple disease some of the disease include pain management and arthritis. Even marijuana is prescribed for many other conditions. The recent survey shows that majority of the doctors believe that cannabis is still has its own place in the modern medicine.

  1. Some of the types of marijuana gets you high

Marijuana is often used to get you high it is known as recreational drug and the high is caused by the single chemical compound present in the marijuana known as tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). This chemical compound acts on the different parts of the brain to create the pleasure of feeling of euphoria. This chemical compound also stimulates the appetite and sleep and it enhance the sensation such as smell, taste and temperature. From past few years the TCH levels in marijuana has skyrocketed due to the demand from the users. While TCH may be fun for few users but experts believe that the high amount of TCH can have good medical benefits, for instance the euphoria may desirable the effects for the patients who are suffering from chronic pain.


  1. Some marijuana cannot get you high

At the other side of popular believe not all types of marijuana are psychoactive. To be clear some of the types of marijuana won’t get you high even if you ingest more. These type of cannabis contains small amount of TCH but these type of cannabis are rich in other chemical compound called cannabidiol (CBD). Due to the inability to get high this CBD has received lot of attention as medicine. Though this CBD is more useful in certain situation such as when administered to children many of the studies show that CBD rich cannabis has unique medical benefits as well. CBD-rich cannabis has been studied as a treatment for schizophrenia and rare forms of epilepsy

  1. Recreational use can also sign something else

The continuous use of the recreational drug is the debated subject among the many health professionals and others; it is very difficult to agree whether the drug usage should be treated as crime or medical issue. When it comes to the individual’s use whether it is legal or illicit it is important to aware of self medication, this happens when someone use drug for the therapeutic purpose without the professional supervision. People who use the self medication often are not aware of the substances and side effects linked to the medicine. In the case of marijuana it could be anything like long list disorders, including less obvious conditions like insomnia or depression these individuals may view their drug use as recreational rather than medical. Since marijuana remains prohibited in many countries around the world, marijuana is often used without the consent or knowledge of a doctor. This only raises the chance that someone may be self-medicating with marijuana.