Cigarettes Vs Pregnancy- effects of cigarette smoking while pregnant

If you have the smoking habit from a long time and still you need to continue it during your pregnancy then am sure you are definitely spoiling your health and your baby’s health too. Smoking while pregnant is very dangerous for both mother and the fetus.  Smoking not only affects your baby’s health during pregnancy but it also affects your baby’s health after birth. The nicotine and carbon monoxide and the other poisons that you inhale during your pregnancy directly pass through the bloodstreams and affect your baby directly. Smoking while pregnant creates health issues such as:


  • Decreases the oxygen that you and your baby need
  • Your baby’s heart rate will increase
  • There is heavy chance of getting miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Results in premature baby or baby will be born with low weight
  • Increases the risk of having respiratory problem in baby
  • Risks of having any birth defects
  • Increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

The more you smoke, the greater you and your baby have great chances of developing these risks. It is really not safe to smoke while pregnant.