Bollywood Super Star Shah Rukh Khan’s Fitness Secret

Shah Rukh is all time heartthrob for women all over the globe. His charming look, physic, and acting make people become mad at him. He has a perfect body which is very hot. He is one of the greatest inspirations for six and eight packs. It is not very easy to get such an amazing physic easily, lots of workout, diet and healthy lifestyle is very important to get such an inspiring, dashing physic. Women all over the globe are die heart fan of dimple smile and sculpted body and king Khan himself. There are great efforts behind his success and fitness. Here am going to share his fitness secrets with you all.

Journey from 6 packs to 8 packs

King Khan started with 6 pack in Om Shanti Om and flaunted 8 packs in a Happy new year and he has become a great inspiration not only for youth but for the people of his age group too. He is popular for his hardcore weight training and cardiovascular exercise. He is very good belly dancer and he believes that nutritional meal is very important for healthy living.

Routine workout

This amazing physic and dashing body is not a result of short-term hard work. He is working on his body from last two decades his fitness trainer Prashant Sawant has been taking care of King Khan’s overall fitness. As per his physical trainer getting 6 or 8 packs is not a big deal if one works sincerely on it. Right effort, diet, training and determination can do this easily. Anyone can get 6 or 8 packs definitely with the disciplined workout like Shah Rukh.

The metabolic rate

According to Shah Rukh,s personal trainer Shah Rukh too 6 months to get his 8 packs while most people require one year or more. Getting the healthy physic depends on the person’s metabolism. His trainer says Shah Rukh’s metabolism is high. He also adds that his body has the body of an athlete and he will change his diet whenever the trainer insists him. Shah Rukh is always open to the new techniques.

Workout plans

Shah Rukh work out for 5 days, 1 hour and 20 minutes in a week. His personal trainer added suspension and weight training in his routine workout that already consisted functional and strong. He brought vibrating dumbbells for Shah Rukh. The rest of the training has power play technique and 10 minutes cardio. King Khan never skips the abdominal crunches. His trainer changes his workout plan every fifteen days.

Finally, you can easily get such a body physic if you follow these instructions.