Ancient Ayurveda Medicine To Cure Diabetes

Madbumeba is the Ayurveda term Madbu refers to honey and Meba means passes out through urine. One of the important causes of illness is the modern lifestyle and the habits. With these the starchy diets, the eating and drinking habits, intake of food and drinks that is made of preservatives, apart from all mental stress and strain,  not allocating the time for the healthy workout are the responsible factors for causes of various diseases especially diabetes. Treating diabetes includes following routine schedule treatment, you must avoid all your routine habits and you must undergo routine exercises. You should intake food which will help to boost your enzymes, for example, most of the pungent and the bitter foods will work amazingly with your diet. For example turmeric, fenugreek and other bitter vegetables like bitter gourd are most recommended for the individual who has diabetes. The honey collected from different types of flowers which are pure and natural will cure diabetes, especially the honey collected from the neem flower.


There are fourteen medicinal sources with amazing anti-diabetic properties. These medicines will relieve the signs and the symptoms of diabetes and also these medicines will curb the disease from its root. All these drugs work primarily from the location of origin of the disease. These medicines will directly affect the liver and the pancreas and provide proper nourishment and toning of these gland’s tissues.

These entire herbs will become an amazing tonic on the nervous system and control the secretion of insulin. These herbs reconstruct your body, activate and rejuvenate your body tissues and produce the insulin and utilization of sugar by the tissue to produce the energy. All these herbs take a long time to give good effects but if you use it continuously the disease will be removed from your body forever and ever.

The Bimbi juice (Coccinia Indica) has thick tuberous roots and its stem and its leaves are used to treat diabetes. The sap from the gular fig tree root or Udimbara is very useful in treating diabetes. It acts as a good tonic for your body and cures diabetes. The powdered fenugreek seeds with milk can cure the high blood sugar level after using it for six months. The bitter gourd juices and the Mineral Pitch (shilajatu) are the highly recommended medicines for curing diabetes completely.