5 amazing herbs to lower blood pressure

According to the central for disease control and prevention one third of adults have high blood pressure of hypertension.


Having the high blood pressure increases the risk of getting many health problems, such as

Heart attack



Kidney disease

Heart failure

Vision loss

Metabolic syndrome

There are several ways to treat blood pressure that includes lifestyle and medication, if you are interested in getting natural remedies for treating blood pressure then this will help you. This is also a traditional treatment to treat blood pressure. Here are the top 5 amazing herbs to treat and control blood pressure. These amazing herbs are easily available at your kitchen.


This is one of the delicious herbs and goes very well with variety of foods; it helps in lowering the blood pressure. The basil extract will lower the blood pressure in great way, keep a small pot of herb in your garden and include it in your pastas, soups, salads and casseroles.


This is really a wonderful gift from our mother nature, cinnamon carries many health benefits. Recent studies have proved that consuming cinnamon powder with honey can lose up to 5 to 6 pounds in 7 days. Not only in weight loss, try to include little bit of cinnamon in your daily diet it could help in reducing blood pressure numbers. Keep a stock of cinnamon powder and add it in your daily breakfast cereal, oatmeal and even in your coffee.


Cardamom comes from India and it is one of the popular herbs used in south Asian foods. Studies have proved that the cardamom powder can significantly reduce the high blood pressure numbers. You can include the cardamom powder in the spice rubs, soups and stews and even in the baked foods to increase the flavor.


This is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has many health benefits, it can lower the blood pressure significantly and it protects against the atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by reducing the cholesterol. It also increases the glucose tolerance and acts as a good antioxidant.  You can add it to your coffee and even in the cooked meal and it can be stirred generously in any dish.


This pungent seasoning can do miracles when you add it in your food. Garlic has great ability to lower the blood pressure by relaxing your blood vessels and dilating it. You can boil garlic in a glass of milk by adding bit of turmeric and drink this miracle drink before going to bed it will work fast in lowering the blood pressure. Even you can eat raw garlic with every mal to lower the blood pressure.